Hello, HappyHQ is a People-First company culture specialist.

What we do:

In a world where culture is central to company success, we're here to guide you along the way.

We have dissected culture into 8 key areas and 70 topics.

From workshops and culture mapping to policy writing and change implementation we can help across it all.

meet the co-founders:

A shared passion for people-first company culture!

We’re working towards changing the world of work as we know it.


With Director level communications experience, working with global brands, Janine has worked within and experienced many different countries and cultures. With a passion for understanding people, in 2017, Janine studied at The School of Positive Psychology – applying the science behind human flourishing for the benefit of people and companies. And she hasn’t stopped learning since.

Louisa Mordaunt

Over 10 years’ experience working directly with leaders on people, culture and recruitment strategy. Alongside HHQ, Louisa is also the Founder of I Love My Job, a scaling B Corp accredited recruitment company bravely doing things differently and experiencing huge success. 

Our values:

Health > Wealth

We value our health, happiness and mental  wellbeing over everything else, and we respect each other’s too. We have fun, we laugh a lot. We consider our health and happiness when making all business decisions; we’re called HappyHQ for a reason.


An absolute non-negotiable for us. We always put people exactly where they belong: first. We know the power of giving everyone a voice, listening and collaborating to find the right people-first solutions.


Trusted to achieve

We know our strengths. We can be trusted to take ownership of our goals and achieve great things. We make things happen. We learn from our mistakes. We feel empowered to deliver.


People fascinate us. Every day delivers new insight, new discoveries, and new experiences. We ask the right questions, we read between the lines and we get to the why. People open up to us because we’re human, we’re empathetic, we’re trustworthy, and we’re non-judgmental. 


We welcome and respect everyone’s voice and ideas equally, and have seen first-hand the true power of embracing change and championing difference. We are bold, we are not scared to fail, this is all part of evolution to us.