What makes HappyHQ unique?

Every part of our service is tailored to your company. From taking the time to understanding your business, to adapting our online Culture Audit to address any unique needs, right through to designing culture goals that are tailored to your company, in everything we do, we make sure it is not a one size fits all approach.
We’re also very aware that most companies have great intentions to change but limited resource/time to action anything, so once a culture report (containing scores and culture goals) is delivered, we’re committed to working with you to ensure positive change happens. When the time is right, we will also reassess your culture goal scores to validate impact.

Does my company need to have high score in all 8 areas to have a positive culture?

Not necessarily. While it’s always best to aim high in all areas, we recognise that company culture is something that’s unique to every work place. What matters most to one company’s employees, may not be of interest to the emotional and relational environment of another. It’s most important to actively listen to everyone’s views, feedback and ideas so you can create culture goals accordingly.

What if I want to find out something that isn’t already a question in your Culture Audit?
The Culture Audit is a comprehensive assessment with over 70 questions across 30 culture-essential topics. We recognise clients may have unique requirements. This is why our package allows flexibility, allowing up to five customised questions for additional insights.
Do you have a minimum team size requirement in order to work with you?

We will typically work with SME’s from 5 – 150 people.

We know lots of larger companies already invest heavily in workplace wellness solutions, however, we noticed a gap in the market for small and medium size businesses that do not necessarily have the luxury of a dedicated culture/happiness department or person, and who also want a more personalised service.

What is the company’s involvement in the process?

We hope to partner with companies who see the benefit of investing time in creating and maintaining a positive culture. To help you plan effectively, our process requires the following time commitments:

  • 1-2 hours: Initial Discovery meeting – Directors / ELT
  • 30 minutes: Company engagement for Culture Audit – Directors / ELT
  • 45 minute: online audit competition – All company
  • 2-hours: Culture report delivery/presentation by HHQ – Directors / ELT
  • Ongoing – culture goals implementation (with 5 hours built-in consultation support from HHQ)
Does your approach recognise that most people are working remotely?
Yes, it does. Every question in our Culture Audit takes into consideration the fact that people may or may not be office based for now and for the foreseeable future. This is something we can also amend depending on your company’s current set-up.
Will employees see copies of the reports and scores?
Your Culture Report is designed to be something you can share with everyone, and this is something that we highly recommend, though this is entirely up to you. While it is an honest account of opinions, views and ideas, it is anonymous. At HappyHQ we are also committed to focusing on the possibilities as opposed to dwelling on the negative. This is why the Culture Report is positively framed, to help en- sure people are excited to create positive impact.
What happens after we receive our Culture Report?

We work with companies to ensure positive change happens. Our fee includes built-in consultation hours which can be used to suit your needs. Ways we can help you implement change include:

  • Presenting your positive culture strategy to your leaders and the rest of the team Working with you to tailor your plan
  • Helping project manage culture initiatives alongside your team
  • Continuing to measure success, tweak your plan, and partner with you for as long as you need
  • When the time is right, we’ll also reassess the culture scores to measure and validate impact.
My company already has a positive culture, are we still eligible for a Culture Report?
Absolutely, we work with companies to identify and validate all of the reasons that make their culture positive. For companies with a positive culture, the Culture Report includes culture goals designed to maintain all the things people care about most. Your scores and roadmap can be used in lots of ways, from recruitment and retention strategies, to leadership training, to company planning.
What is your typical turnaround time for the Culture Audit, Analysis and Report

The average estimated project turnaround time is typically 3-6 weeks, though this is dependent on availabilities as well as the project scope. We allow 1 week for an initial kick-off meeting and team briefings, 1-2 weeks for audit completion and 7-10 days for insights analysis and report writing. Another 1-week to present the report to your leadership team and agree on implementation next steps and KPI’s.

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