In a world where culture is central to company success, we're here to guide you along the way.

HappyHQ is a people-first culture consultancy. An exciting concept for forward-thinking work leaders looking for ways to bring their people together and culture to life.

We’re on a mission to improve happiness within the workplace

Guiding companies to create more fulfilling experiences for employees everywhere.

Co-founded by people-first culture advocates, Janine and Louisa who are both on a mission to change the world of work as we know it. When they’re not helping companies build positive and engaging work environments, they’re sharing their insights and expertise about the world of work – regularly featured in the likes of Courier, Stylist, Start-Ups Magazine, Glamour, and The Start-Up Show. They’re also hosts of the chart-topping podcast series, Culture Shock, which gives airtime to people doing things differently at work.

Janine Jacobs and Louisa Mordaunt,

With director-level communications experience, Janine Jacobs, co-founder of HappyHQ, has worked with global brands such as LinkedIn, Hilton, and PepsiCo. Her career has spanned various countries and cultures, involving both agency and client-side roles. Driven by a passion for understanding people, she studied at The School of Positive Psychology in 2017, where she now applies the science of human flourishing to the benefit of individuals and companies. Janine is also a Girls’ Network mentor, helping teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds see their futures in a more positive light, gain essential skills, and build confidence.

Louisa, founder of I Love My Job, a values-led, B Corp recruitment agency, launched the company 13 years ago with a simple mission: to find people jobs they love. This has led her to help 100’s of companies grow by finding them people who love what they do. To support this further she co-founded HappyHQ, the people-first company culture consultancy in 2010, to help companies create cultures that people run to, not away from.

HappyHQ's Core Values

Health before Wealth

Our priority is well-being – we’re not just about business, we’re about happiness, fun, and creating a meaningful impact for our clients.

Radically Transparent

We believe in complete honesty – with our team, with our clients, and even when it means facing our flaws.

Strictly No Jargon

We communicate clearly and inclusively, without hiding behind complex language or hierarchy.

Stay Curious

We’re always eager to listen, learn, be open to new ideas, and ready to adapt for the betterment of people.

Trusted to Achieve

We’re reliable doers, not just dreamers – we take ownership, learn from our mistakes, and deliver results.

Culture Shock Podcast

A series of disruptive, raw, and thought-provoking conversations that give airtime to those changing the world of work as we know it!