We love nothing more than bringing people together and cultures to life.

Explore some of our case studies to see how we do this.

Putting People at the Heart of Culture Goals for The Halo Group


Industry:  Events
Team size: +30
Challenge: With a strong emphasis on fun, laughter, and doing things differently, Halo wanted to prioritise company culture to navigate the challenges and uncertainties faced by the events industry.


  • Yearly Culture Audits
  • Six-Month Culture Goals + Roadmap
  • Purpose/Values workshop
  • Values embedding toolkits

“Our values have played a vital role in shaping Halo's workplace culture”.

“The HappyHQ approach allowed us to accept and openly address potential blockers, creating a space where an honest exchange is possible”.

Post-merger and post-restructure: a culture reset for SuckUK


Industry: Product Design
Team size: +30
Challenge: Post-merger, post-lockdown, and post-restructure, SuckUK was feeling fragmented, and morale was suffering. The company wanted renewed energy, and engagement and to create a place where people love to work.


  • Culture Audit
  • Culture goal + implementation road-mapping
  • Values workshop + values ‘in action’ launch
  • Values-based appraisals and goals roll-out
  • Culture Consultancy (12-months to date)

I look forward to my weekly culture catch-up with HappyHQ. They support on all things culture related, including our company core values, and have provided all of the advice, tools, and best-practice we need to create the culture our team needs at SuckUK

Weaving core values into the fabric of Cult’s future


Industry:  Furniture
Team size: +40
Challenge: With an expanding opportunity in the dynamic furniture market, Cult wanted the team to come together and unite to build a sense of unity and cohesion within its growing team. The goal was to establish a shared set of core values that would resonate with every team member, becoming a part of their daily work ethos and a point of pride visible throughout the company culture (not just on the walls).


  • All-team workshop (values discovery)
  • Culture Consultancy (six months)
  • Culture goal road mapping + implementation
  • OKR Embedding
  • The ‘Cult’-ure Club weekly meet-ups where we discuss values-aligned initiatives

Our values are very original and they are in line with what the team and management feel. It gives a vision of the kind of culture everyone is looking to see and achieve. I would like to congratulate the team at HappyHQ. They've done a fantastic job getting everyone together and achieving this value structure. 

People metrics: the final piece of the puzzle for Gibsons


Industry: Gifts
Team size: +50
Challenge: With ‘people’ at the heart of everything they do, Gibsons partnered with HappyHQ to help them better understand what a people-first culture means to everyone to create and embed the right culture goals alongside its ‘Investors in People’ culture strategy.


  • Culture Audit (70 culture-essential themes)
  • Team insights
  • Culture goals
  • Re-Audit (every six-months)

Company culture is complex and it’s often a challenge to know exactly where to focus to make the biggest impact. HappyHQ’s framework and culture audit pinpointed the changes we needed to make and demonstrated all the great things about our culture that we’re now celebrating.

Pixel-Perfect Principles: Shaping KOTA's Vision with Genuine Core Values


Industry:  Creative web design agency
Team size: +30
Challenge: A creative web design agency renowned for working with world-class brands, KOTA wanted to come together to create a genuine set of heartfelt values at their core. As a remote team spread across different geographies, the agency faced the challenge of aligning these myriad ideas with a set of core values that resonated with everyone. The goal was to make these principles the heart of KOTA’s culture and shine through their new website to showcase their culture proudly, and authentically.


  • Team insights
  • All-team values workshop
  • Values (something about delivering on them after)
  • Values-in-action guide

HappyHQ proved to be the perfect partner in helping us amplify our core values and guiding us through the necessary steps to achieve complete clarity on these. Janine and Louisa, were exceptional in their support guiding us through the entire process. The workshop day was not only enjoyable and interactive but also left all of the team with a positive outlook on our company.

Cultivating a Culture as Dynamic as Its Team for I Love My Job


Industry: Recruitment
Team size: 8
Challenge: In preparation for their scale-up stage, I Love My Job wanted to ensure that their culture was assessed, their people are aligned and the right people processes were engrained.


  • Culture Mapping
  • All-team Values Workshop
  • Value embedding project
  • OKR and 90-day review rollout
  • eNPS

The team talk about our values daily, they guide how we do everything within the company and have definitely played a huge part in our recent success”