Creating happy company cultures

HappyHQ, a culture consultancy that helps organisations recognise and implement culture change

What company culture isn’t

Company culture isn’t Friday night drinks, team yoga mornings, or ping pong tables – it’s so much more. 

What company culture

The impact of happy cultures

• attract and retain the best people 

• spend less on recruitment, onboarding and training up

• are proven to be more collaborative and productive  

• experience more financial success 

• listen to their employees 

Happy people create a ripple effect

Extensive research in the field of positive psychology (the science behind human flourishing) proves there’s an undeniable link between people’s happiness and performance at work.

HappyHQ works with companies who care about their team and want to create the happiest culture they can. Applying the latest theories and research on workplace culture, we help you reach your company’s happiness potential by taking the science behind human flourishing and applying it in practical ways.

The whole company absolutely loved working with HappyHQTheir approach is refreshingly personal, thorough, and human – it has felt as though they’re part of our team. As soon as the partnership was announced internally, every team member felt more valued and heard, and it has been upwards from there.


Kate Shackleton,
Operations Manager, Halo Group

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