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Creating and inspiring positive cultures to help companies thrive

The problems we’re commited to fixing

Only 22%

of people state their current
employer has a
good company culture

Work Place Insight, 2019

Over 30%

of people working from
home feel a negative
impact on their mental
Data sourced provided by Perkbox, 2020

One Third

of people employed in
the UK feel disconnected
from their company
Opinium, April 2020



£91 Billion

cost to the UK economy
in lost productivity
relating to poor Health
and Wellbeing

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace
2019 Survey and ONS Data

A positive culture matters now more than ever. HappyHQ is on a mission to build a world where people feel happy and valued at work

Is your culture working for you?


  • attract, retain and engage the best people
  • thrive, even when teams are working remotely
  • are more collaborative, productive and creative
  • are healthier, happier and more dynamic 
  • inspire teams to be a force for good 

How we will unlock your happiness



We meet you to find out about your company, your culture and your happiness potential.



Everyone then completes an online culture audit to help us comprehensively assess your current workplace culture and gather valuable ideas for improvement.



Using the findings, we design and develop a workplace culture strategy that’s tailored for your company and its teams.



We continue to support you by helping with culture goal implementation then measuring impact, and fine tuning your plan for happiness, for as long as you need.

The HappyHQ approach combines deep insights into the psychology of wellbeing with expertise in how to help employees become happier and more productive.

Maria Gardner,
Business Psychologist 


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