Measuring, creating & celebrating
people-first company cultures

People-first company cultures:

  • Recognise that people are their greatest asset
  • Listen to their people and value what they hear
  • Consider their people in all key business decisions
  • Create positive everyday experiences
  • Balance people and purpose with profit
  • Atrract, engage and retain their people
  • Genuinely care
  • Experience more financial success

HHQ's 8 key principles of company culture:









The HappyHQ approach combines deep insights into the psychology of wellbeing with expertise in what makes people happy, fulfilled and engaged.


Maria Gardner,
Business Psychologist 

1. Measure

Allowing company culture to shape without measurement is too experimental.

Our method is thorough, yet simple. Applying HappyHQ’s discovery + 8 culture principles as our framework, we’re able to measure, score, and gain insights and ideas from everyone.

2. Create

Actioning the insight from your people is vital to the success of your people-first culture. 

Taking all of the insight gathered during the measurement stage, we work with you to create simple, achievable and tailored culture goals to improve, enhance, or protect your company culture.

3. Celebrate

Join a community that is pioneering the new definition
of ‘work’.

Together we create ways to protect and shout about  your culture internally, and to the rest of the world; putting you on the map as an attractive company that genuinely cares about their people. 

The whole company absolutely loved working with HappyHQTheir approach is refreshingly personal, thorough, and human – it has felt as though they’re part of our team. As soon as the partnership was announced internally, every team member felt more valued and heard, and it has been upwards from there.


Kate Shackleton,
Operations Director, The Halo Group

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