Case Study

Post-merger and post-restructure: a culture reset for SuckUK

The Challenge:

Post-merger, post-lockdown, and post-restructure, SuckUK was feeling fragmented, and morale was suffering. The company wanted renewed energy, and engagement and to create a place where people love to work.

HappyHQ deliverables:

  • Culture Mapping
  • Culture goal + implementation road-mapping
  • Values workshop + values ‘in action’ launch
  • Values-based appraisals and goals roll-out
  • Culture Consultancy (12-months to date)


“I look forward to my weekly culture catch-up with HappyHQ. They support on all things culture-related, including our company core values, and have provided all of the advice, tools, and best practices we need to create the culture our team needs at SuckUK."

Pete Ellison
People + Culture Manager, SuckUK

On the walls and beyond:

After discovering their authentic values with HappyHQ, Suck UK has been working with us to embed values across all parts of the business.