Case Study

Putting people at the heart of culture goals for The Halo Group

The Challenge:

With a strong emphasis on fun, laughter, and doing things differently, Halo wanted to prioritise company culture to navigate the challenges and uncertainties faced by the events industry.

HappyHQ deliverables:

  • Culture Mapping
  • Six-Month Culture Goals + Roadmap
  • Purpose/Values workshop
  • Values embedding toolkits
  • Culture Consultancy (two-years to date)

Halo’s values:

1. Extraordinary is our Ordinary: We don’t settle for the standard and get excited by the challenges that come with pushing our boundaries. Extraordinary happens when we think big, put our ideas to the test and learn.

2. Pride is in the Detail: We are conscious in our decision-making and don’t compromise on quality. We are proud to put our names to everything we do, from the day-to-day emails and smallest of details on our beams to our show-stopping structures.
3. Every voice Counts: We value diversity and the unstoppable momentum we can create by bringing together the unique skills, experiences and talents of each team member. We seek, ask, listen and learn.
4. Kind to the Core: We don’t take ourselves too seriously, have no room for egos and create an environment for everyone to be themselves. Clients, crew and partners all love working with us because we are genuinely good people.
5. Confident in our Expertise: We have the experience and expertise to confidently back our decisions. If we don’t know, we put the work in and reach out to experts who do. Quick fixes aren’t our thing – we are in it for the long game.
Our values are more than guiding principles; they are the foundation upon which we build extraordinary experiences. Join us in celebrating innovation, diversity, kindness, and expertise.


“Our values have played a vital role in shaping Halo's workplace culture. 100% team agrees values are reflected in how the team operates day-to-day.”

Kate Shackleton
Operations Director, The Halo Group

“The HappyHQ approach allowed us to accept and openly address potential blockers, creating a space where an honest exchange is possible. Everyone is able to participate in driving change where necessary, to build real and lasting workplace happiness.”

Tildey Large
HR Manager, The Halo Group

Halo team members pictured wearing t-shirts with one of their new core values 'extraordinary is our ordinary' printed on the back.