Case Study

Weaving core values into the fabric of Cult’s future.

The Challenge:

With an expanding opportunity in the dynamic furniture market, Cult wanted the team to come together and unite to build a sense of unity and cohesion within its growing team. The goal was to establish a shared set of core values that would resonate with every team member, becoming a part of their daily work ethos and a point of pride visible throughout the company culture (not just on the walls).

HappyHQ deliverables:

  • All-team workshop (values discovery)
  • Values in action launch: defining, testing, getting feedback, amending, finalising
  • Culture Consultancy (six-months)
    • Org design and job description design
    • Culture goal road mapping + implementation
    • OKR Embedding: leadership training
  • The ‘Cult’-ure Club weekly meet-ups where we discuss values-aligned initiatives


Cult are now clear:

Values Wheel

“The team feels more supported, connected, heard, and excited about the future”.

“Our values are very original and they are in line with what the team and management feel. It gives a vision of the kind of culture everyone is looking to see and achieve. I would like to congratulate the team at HappyHQ. They've done a fantastic job getting everyone together and achieving this value structure. Thank you”.

Anonymous feedback from team member