Case Study

People metrics: the final piece of the puzzle for Gibsons

The Challenge:

With ‘people’ at the heart of everything they do, Gibsons partnered with HappyHQ to help them better understand what a people-first culture means to everyone to create and embed the right culture goals alongside its ‘Investors in People’ culture strategy.

The Culture Audit:

Through the HappyHQ culture mapping audit, which covers over 70 culture-essential themes, Gibsons could find out exactly what a happy working culture looks like to everyone, what they appreciate, and how they would like to adapt. 

To help Gibsons create a comprehensive people strategy and make informed decisions about the future, the culture report included:

  • A score for each principle
  • The reasons people love working at Gibsons
  • Highlights of working at Gibsons
  • Immediate areas of focus

These were just some of the questions Gibsons, the British heritage games brand asked every single employee to help shape the right culture goals.


  • Culture Audit (70 culture-essential themes)
  • Team insights
  • Culture goals
  • Re-Audit (every six months)


The insights, findings, and feedback have been vital to shaping company culture initiatives that are currently underway. As well as knowing exactly how people are feeling, listening to everyone also creates an environment where fresh ideas are encouraged and discussed openly, and expanded upon turning insights into meaningful culture goals that are based on real insight.

"Company culture is complex and it’s often a challenge to know exactly where to focus to make the biggest impact. HappyHQ’s framework and culture audit pinpointed the changes we needed to make and demonstrated all the great things about our culture that we’re now celebrating."

Jazmin Gray
People and Culture Manager, Gibsons