Case Study

Pixel-Perfect Principles: Celebrating a Decade of Design with Genuine Core Values for KOTA

The Challenge:

A creative web design agency renowned for working with world-class brands, creating award-winning work. KOTA wanted to come together to create a genuine set of heartfelt values at its core.

As a remote team spread across different geographies, the agency faced the challenge of aligning these myriad ideas with a set of core values that resonated with everyone. The goal was to make these principles the heart of KOTA’s culture and shine through their new website to showcase their culture proudly, and authentically.

HappyHQ deliverables:

  • Leadership discovery
  • Team communications and insights
  • Mission and values guidance
  • All-team values workshop
  • Values development
  • Values-in-action guide

Kota’s Values:

As well as thinking about our wider legacy, we’ve been busy reflecting internally, too. With the help of the team at HappyHQ, we’ve been trying to uncover what KOTA means.

01. Tune in: We actually listen. We listen to everyone around us and respect each other’s opinions, whether it’s our team, our clients, or our friends and family. Two heads are often better than one.

02. Get Dirty: Embrace every challenge. Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty. We have a collective, active curiosity that constantly moves us forwards, keeps us forever learning, and challenges us without any fear of failure.

03. Think Diversely: We embrace how varied life is. Whether it’s the clients and industries we work in, our interests and inspiration, or our attitudes to life in general.

04. Leave No Crumbs: Good is the enemy of great. We strive for the best, we give a shit, and care about what we do. We don’t cut corners, every pixel matters. We don’t leave it for someone else to tidy up, we leave no crumbs.

05. Leave a Legacy: We care about our legacy and the impact we have. It’s our duty to leave the world a better place than we found it.

"HappyHQ proved to be the perfect partner in helping us amplify our core values and guiding us through the necessary steps to achieve complete clarity on these. Janine and Louisa, were exceptional in their support guiding us through the entire process. The workshop day was not only enjoyable and interactive but also left all of the team with a positive outlook on our company. Today, we not only display our values proudly on our website but also live and embrace them with confidence every single day."

Jonathan Bradford
Managing Director, KOTA