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How to cultivate an effective and collaborative team spirit

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According to a Salesforce poll, 86% of failures in the workplace are due to poor team collaboration.

A collaborative team is a much happier team, especially whilst we work virtually. So, what’s the secret to cultivating an effective and collaborative team spirit?

Here’s HappyHQ’s six guiding principles:

  • Set clear expectations for everyone: Positive leaders create a shared purpose among teams. Set clear goals and make sure everyone feels motivated by them.
  • Get to know each other: Create and encourage lots of opportunities for people to connect. Quality relationships in the workplace are positively connected to psychological safety and performance. We’re also more likely to share ideas openly, innovate and problem solve.
  • Play to everyone’s strengths: Enacting key strengths feels effortless and energising. Applying individual strengths to group activities also helps achieve the team’s overall goals. 
  • Make sure everyone contributes: Create opportunities for everyone to have their say. Develop a team mentality of “we” not “me”, and an environment of actively listening to everyone’s ideas.
  • Place importance on wellbeing: Make sure everyone’s mental health and wellbeing is checked in on regularly. Create wellbeing initiatives that help people adopt and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. Such as urging people to have a life outside of work to pursue personal passions.
  • Give real-time feedback: Abandon traditional feedback frameworks and yearly reviews. Instead, invest time in constructive, personalised, and regular feedback.

At HappyHQ, we believe a positive culture can be unlocked in every workplace. It just takes a collaborative effort to ensure that everyone has a voice. This means listening to everyone’s current perceptions, feedback, and ideas on ways your company can radiate happiness.

Our culture audit covers over 30 culture-essential topics, including: mental health and wellbeing, flexibility, company purpose, positive social value, job meaning, team collaboration, strengths awareness, goals, autonomy, motivation, psychological safety, and much more.

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